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Intacto 13 Tzameti







Directed by Gela Babluani, this is a dark Euro realist drama about luck. Filmed in black and white very stark; an innocent man chooses to blindly follow another’s fate, un beknowest to him he enters a charnel house where many enter and only one can escape. Benefactors or patrons or handlers, depending on your point of view, place bets on who will escape the deadly fate that awaits them all. A gripping story told in a brutal high contrast black and white. French dialog very eastern European in style, not for the faint of heart






Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo another story of luck, fate and those who prey on and steal the luck others. Metaphysical and otherworldly; these people wager high stakes, running blind folded through a forest and other more dangerous games. Only one will stand at the end. Colorful, filmed in Spain in Spanish, this movie has a very Iberian feel.

The two films are very different in execution and style but share some common themes. I recommend them both.

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