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WiFi on Steroids

Google explains the current efforts by an industry coalition to free up a large part of the wireless spectrum. The FCC is currently looking at the spectrum that has been used by analog TV, in February 2009 this spectrum will be available for different uses.


From the Free The Airwaves Web Site:

Remember that fuzzy static between channels on the old TVs? Today more than three-quarters of those radio airwaves, or “white space” spectrum, are completely unused. This vast public resource could offer a revolution in wireless services of all kinds, including universal wireless Internet. The FCC will soon decide whether to open this unused spectrum for general usage, and your voice matters — a lot. So if you agree that freeing the white spaces represents a vote for the future of the Internet, please sign our petition and help spread the word about this campaign.

This is a very democratic initiative, it will need mass support from the public to succeed. There is no good reason why this spectrum should be given to or leased to a small group of businesses. Traditionally this has been a space a set aside for the public good and this initiative could continue that tradition.

It deserves your support.

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