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Hacker (aka SOLO) Interview

In this video an English computer hacker, Gary McKinnon discusses his search for information in US government computers for evidence that the government has proof of UFOs. 

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The gentleman seems intelligent and sane, he claims he has seen proof that secret government groups have alien technology. Crack pot ideas from a cracker. He seems very reasonable, he could be a con man, either way the story is very interesting. He is facing a 60 year sentence for breaking into and damaging government computer systems. He claims no damage was done and the US is trying to save face. Mr McKinnon’s lawyers  claim he could be sent to Guantanamo Bay if he is treated as a terrorist.

Near the end of the interview he offers advice to PC users on securing their computers. His top advice is do not use blank admin passwords. Finding PCs with blank passwords was his way in. McKinnons hacking was done in between February 2001 and March 2002; security has improved since then. We hope.

Thanks to Dean for the link to this interview.

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