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Published 3/13/2003 two months before President Bush's invasion.

"We should therefore be very attentive not to fight false battles: the debates on how bad Saddam is, even on how much the war will cost, etc., are false debates. The focus should be on what effectively goes on in our societies, on what kind of society is emerging HERE as the result of the "war on terror." Instead of talking about hidden conspirative agendas, one should shift the focus onto what is going on, onto what kind of changes are taking place here and now. The ultimate result of the war will be a change in OUR political order." © Copyright

Re-reading this cautionary opinion piece by S. Zizek, written shortly before the invasion of Iraq is sobering. Slavoj Zizek is an intellectual trickster  who can quickly change colors and direction. This piece twists and turns you are not sure exactly what ideas he is promoting till the end;  highly recommended reading.

“The ultimate result of the war will be a change in OUR political order.” What changes we have seen! There is no opposition to the changes either, only a scramble by the powerful to see who can reap the most benefit, either financial or political. The new Security State is running at full steam, it will absorb Clinton or McCain, either will do.

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