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War Rages 5 Years On


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The Iraq war just entered it’s sixth year. I want everyone to remember there were many Americans opposed to this war from the beginning. The reasons for not invading Iraq were valid and the reasons for  leaving now are valid. It doesn’t matter which politicians gave Bush the green light to invade the  sovereign country of Iraq, what matters  is which politicians have the courage to bring our young men and women home NOW. The British have seen the writing on the wall and already brought home the bulk of their forces home. We must follow their example.

Iraqi War Statistics as of March 2008:  
Major US bases 75
Foreign Troops in Country 164,985
US Troops 155,000
UK Troops 4,500
Georgian Troops 2,000
Polish Troops 900
South Korean Troops 650
Troops of Other Nations 1,845
Cost to deploy of one soldier for one year $390,000
Spending per month in Iraq $12,000,000,000
Estimate cost through 2008  $800,000,000,000
Tax Payer Money lost and unaccounted for $9,000,000,000
Missing Weapons 190,000
Dead American Troops 4,000
Dead Troops under 25 years old 51%
Seriously injured US Troops 29,320
Percentage that are brain or spinal injuries 20%
Non US allied Troops killed 308
Great Britain Troops killed 175
Journalists killed 127
Non Iraqi Contract workers killed 548
Iraqi Soldiers and Police killed 7,951
Iraqi Insurgents killed 55,000
Iraqi Civilians killed Between 100,000 and 600,000
Iraqis in US custody 24,000
Displaced Iraqi refugees 2,225,000
Iraqis Refugees in Syria or Jordan 2,100,000
Iraqi Professionals who have left the country 40%
Unemployed Iraqis Between 27% and 60%
of 34,000 Doctors pre invasion 14,000 have left or been killed
Iraqis without adequate water supply 70%
Iraqi Children Chronically mal nourished 28%
Percentage of Iraqis who disapprove of US Troops in Iraq 79%
Percentage of Americans who want Troops withdrawn 61%

These figures are taken from MOBLogic.TV a division of CBS television owned by General Electric; your statistics may vary.

No more excuses bring our troops home now!

  1. Deek Deekster says: March 25, 20088:58 am

    the British, Tom, not the English. Plenty of Welsh and Scots and Irish over there died along with the English.

  2. Otir says: March 27, 20088:58 pm

    Hey Tom, thank you for posting these statistics. As crude as they may be, I am sure they can tell stories to whoever want to hear them. May they also help understand our point of view.

    This is the time it takes for a new born to enter kindergarten in America, too. There are 2,000 Americans at least who will never have had those children, ever.

  3. tsparks says: March 27, 200810:22 pm


    Thanks for taking the time to make a comment.

    I am an unashamed pacifist, raising children taught me that anger begets anger. It is true for families and it is true for nations.

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