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Video From the Hood

Recorded 3/5/08 @ Tractor Tavern

Pura Fe & Danny Godinez recorded at the Tractor Tavern in the Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle.

Pura Fe has a style that harkens back to Janis Joplin and Tracy Nelson of Mother Earth. There is a strong Southern Roots influence with some North American Indigenous Culture added to the mix. Pura played an awesome bottle neck guitar as well.

Danny Godinez  is an extraordinary guitar player. He utilizes looping technology to accompany himself, using the guitar as a percussion instrument, a rhythm and lead instrument. You would guess there were three or four people on stage not just two. 

  1. Mark A.M. Kramer says: March 10, 20082:57 pm

    Incredible, very moving!

  2. Pura Fe says: March 11, 200810:10 pm

    Hi Tom,
    I don’t know if we even met that night at the Tavern, But thankyou so much for the beautiful footage. I sent it to a booker…and it will able me to get work.
    May I ask if you have anymore footage from that night? It sure would helpme out a bunch!!! any of Danny with his solo stuff?
    You’d be helpin out a cople of musicians.
    and thanks for posting it…I’ll put it up on my myspace site.
    Hope to hear from you………………pf

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