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Martin Amis & JG Ballard

Nightwaves on BBC has a one hour show devoted to Martin Amis and JG Ballard. I am familiar with Amis only by reputation. His newest book is entitled the Second Plane and it focus on the impact and meaning of 9/11. His interest seems to be sexuality, repression, and Islam criticism. I can’t comment about about Amis or his ideas, listen to him if you are interested.

jgballard JG Ballard however is one of my favorites. I grew up reading his apocalyptic novels, Drowned World, Crystal World, The Wind from No Where and others works. These novels helped shape my imagination and prepare me for this era of Global Warming and drastic change we see in our physical environment today.

Ballard talks about his life and the books he has written about his youth in Shanghai. Ballard is one of the great critics of the 20th century, the books he has written in the 1990s and the last ten years are science fiction about the present. I recommend Super Cannes . Ballard’s work shines a light on the dark side of technology and consumerism. It can be shocking and disorienting.

I found this interview via http://www.ballardian.com/ one of my favorite blogs. Photo credit belongs to Catfunkt.

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