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Serge & Bardot Pay Tribute to Bonnie & Clyde

Originally recorded in 1967 the same year Arthur Penn’s movie Bonnie and Clyde debuted. The Song Bonnie and Clyde is an original but it is paying homage to the popular movie. The music is fresh and contemporary which speaks to the true talent of Serge Gainsbourg. Bridget Bardot fits the role of Bonnie Parker and has a wonderful voice. bonnie

Watch the YouTube video. The production reminds me of Bertolt Brecht I can imagine Brecht and his heavy critique of Capitalism staging such a video, I am guessing this was produced for French Television.

One of my favorite contemporary musical talents Matthew Herbert did a remix of the song based on the original by Gainsboug. There is also a great video to accompany that version here. Both are worth your time. God Bless YouTube. Praises to Serge and Herbert two of my musical hero’s!

Original VideoRemixed Version

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