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‘Superworm Poses Grave Threat’

Bruce Schneier, Computer Security Expert has a very good summary of the Internet Worm know as Storm or Small.DAM, Trojan.DL and numerous other names.

Mr. Schneier voice apprehension and trepidation about what this Worm could have in store for the world.  Microsoft estimated they had removed the worm from as many as 2,574,586 PCs.

Mr. Schneier points out that so far we may have only seen the opening act for what this worm is up to.

Oddly enough, Storm isn’t doing much, so far, except gathering strength. Aside from continuing to infect other Windows machines and attacking particular sites that are attacking it, Storm has only been implicated in some pump-and-dump stock scams. There are rumors that Storm is leased out to other criminal groups. Other than that, nothing.

Personally, I’m worried about what Storm’s creators are planning for Phase II.

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