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“Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night” by On Sylvain Chauveau and Steven Hess filtered through the mind of Helge Sten (Deathprod).

60 minute Sound Experiment
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Jay Haze is the DJ Selector for Fabric 47, part of the excellent series from Fabric of London.   Mr. Haze brings on the strong beats liberally spiced with 21st century funk, add some reggae and hard to find tunes by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, DiY, The Last Poets and you have a dynamite collection to work grove or party to.

Some classify Jay Haze as a Techno House Artist , I think he transcends labels, this is a very strong compilation from the people at Fabric. Hats Off!

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Music has a long history of effecting the emotions; soothing the savage beast etc. A few weeks ago I was at a local club {Nectar Lounge} and was lucky to see Gui Boratto; his music was soothing but powerful, it was more exciting than soothing to tell the truth.  The volume was loud, the bass reverberating through my chest, the crowd was large the dance floor full. People were bouncing, dancing and in the end screaming for joy. It was marvelous. Gui’s music is labeled with different monikers, House, Progressive House, Minimal House, or just techno, I am sure it is ecstatic.

Gui Boratto has been an architect, a advertising man, a record producer and composer, he certainly knows how to build momentum and musical structures that are deeply effecting. I can testify that the crowd I was part of was soaring on the sonic waves Gui produced in his live show.

photo from Boxcar Kyla

His second album,  Take My Breath Away,  is now available on the Kompakt Label from Germany

This is a taste of his work :
No Turning Back
Album Title : Take My Breath Away
Vocals: Luciana Villanova
Date : 2009
Composer : Gui Boratto

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Benjamin Curtis and  twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza make up the band School of Seven Bells.

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This dreamy eclectic trio have one album Alpinisms. They have recorded with a variety of alternative types like Prefuse 73,  and have toured with Blonde Redhead.  The name School of Seven Bells is taken from a mythical school for pick pockets (poets)  hidden away somewhere in South America. The band is Brooklyn based and the three musician share a house and work from home.

Their music is transcendental, with serious hypnotic electronic grooves,  their  lyrics match the poetic mysticism of their lush sound. Sometimes it is a crashing exuberance like My Blood Valentine, some times it is soft and sweet.  The twins Alejandra and Claudia do most all the singing, their voices sound so similar you can’t tell them apart.; this makes for a very natural, “over dubbed” sound. Even though their music is heavily electronic, they have a very organic style.

A good example is Sempiternal/Amaranth

[sem-pi-tur-nl] – adjective  everlasting; eternal.
[am?a?ranth] – noun an imaginary, undying flower. unfading flower

Sempiternal/Amaranth is  an eleven and a half minute masterpiece that soars to the summit, a musical form of Alpinism (The Art of Mountain Climbing).


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In the early 90s, the world was in flux, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, Germany was reunified, Dolly the sheep had been cloned, the Internet was blooming and in the dense undergrowth of London Rave Culture a new music was born, the music was called Jungle. Infused with breakbeats, reggae,  other percussive syncopated beats  and dub sensibilities; Jungle never made it to the commercial world of the Major Labels, and as a genre it didn’t last long.

Jungle broke from the peace, love and ecstasy sensibilities of Rave Culture and presented a darker more dystopian view of the world. The same esthetic that informed  cyberpunk fiction, comicbooks and later Hollywood films like Terminator and The Matrix. All esthetics are eventually commoditized and feed back to us by the corporate powers that tend to dictate commercial culture.

K-Punk, rock critic philosopher, has compiled a list of his  Jungle Best Top Twenty for FACT new music magazine. K-Punk brings an intellectual focus to this cerebral music, his essay is well worth the time of anyone interested in Jungle. Explore the Jungle  and listen to these rare but influential tracks.

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Via: Wild Tigers I Have Known

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