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I left the camera running on the table where I was sitting in the window of the cafe. This on the hill where the castle neighborhood meets the Baixa. The famous Number 28 rolls by.

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I have moved the Lisbon movies to there own page HERE .

I am trying an experiment, making a video for each day I am on the road in Portugal. I am not a videographer nor a professional so don’t expect these to be of two high a quality. I am using a small video camera called a Flip. The camera is the size of a cell phone the quality is fine for presenting on the Web.

If you want to see a little larger version of these movies they are all at Blip.TV . Please comment on these, if see something you like if you.

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Visiting the Panteao Nacional, taking a trolley ride, visiting an artists collective and ending with a nightclub.

Warning 10 minutes long

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I will be posting a video once a day, I am hoping that as the days progress the videos will improve. This is my first day, went out for coffee in the morning and met Alice in the afternoon at the Elevador de Santa Justa, you get a glorious view of the center of Lisbon from there.

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A little town in South Central England has a big problem, a cement plant. The Cemex Cement Plant quarries and produces between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 pounds of cement a year. Rugby also has Lilian Pallikaropouls, Lilian has been waging a campaign to slow down or stop future developments at the cement plant.  Lilian’s second target of complaint is the Rugby Borough Council the government body that monitors emissions and grants permits to the Cemex Cement Plant.

Lilian’s work is documented at her Blog, http://rugbytown.blogspot.com ; you can read her arguments and documentation there.  A few day’s ago a professional photographer, Christian Payne interviewed Lilian Pallikaropouls streaming live online at a video based social network Seesmic.Com. Many communities large and small face problems such as the cement plant in RugbyTown. Christian Payne has shown how with little investment individuals or groups can publicize and promote their cause online.

Here is the interview:


Lilian is a  dedicate member of her community, I respect her tenacity and devotion to justice and community health. Thank you Christian  for helping Lilian and others see the potential of these new tools for the community activist.  See a another short interview with Lilian at Youtube.com

Video used with the permission of Christian Payne.

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Bruce Sterling lays out some prognostications at the Well for the state of the world and 2008;  interviewed via email  by  Jon Lebkowsky and with emailed questions from the general public.  This a lively exchange that covers economy, politics, the green revolution  fundamentalism,  Al Qaeda, the public markets of Torino and much more.

A few teasers:

  • “The political and economic landscape in 2008 is full of spinning, tottering Chinese plates poised on tall pool-cues”
  • “Al Qaeda and the Taliban aren’t true “fascists.” Fascists can at least make trains run on time. Even Communists were better-organized.”
  • “Joe and Jane Sixpack are looking at four-dollar milk and five-dollar gas. It’s hurting and it’s scary and there’s no way out of it but through it.”

Snippets don’t do the conversation justice, I recommend this,  it’s  ten minutes of entertaining thought provoking reading.


Thank you Bruce and thanks to the Well.

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