Sunday, November 30, 2008


This was the third Lisboa Thanksgiving that Mike and I have hosted here in our apartment. They've all been a little different and a lot of fun. This year we picked up our 7 kilo turkey on Saturday morning, went shopping and then spent all afternoon cooking up a storm. Alice made home-made cornbread stuffing from a recipe vaguely passed down from Flora and Mike made two pumpkin pies from a recipe vaguely based on one of his mom's. We stuffed the bird, surrounded it with hearty veggies and stuck it in the oven. Several hours, mashed potatoes and gravy later we were ready to surve, buffet style to our 12 guests. We pulled out all our desks and side tables, borrowed five chairs from our neighbors and moved our living room furniture to fit everyone in. The effect was a bit more formal than previous years when we've had people purched on sofas and sitting on the floor, but I'm not sure which is better in the end. Our Portuguese friends are always very excited by this holiday because the idea of traditional American food confuses them, since all they know about is hamburgers and hotdogs. Our guests all brought wine and deserts and we had a blast. Click here or on the photo above to see more pictures.


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